My family


Kurt Kuckein

Truly the most awesome husband anyone has ever had. We met in high school. I was a junior and he was a senior. He sat behind me in french class making annoying noises with his mouth. Still, we fell in love. At age 16 going on 17, took a pause for five years and again at 22 going on 23. 

Kurt is not an actor or performer, there's enough drama with me. He is an avid bike ride and loves fitness, living a healthy lifestyle, and works from home so he is very involved in every activity and is game for anything.

I think I just wrote his online dating profile.

Ryder & Rylie


Ryder is eleven years old and Rylie is five. I don't wanna brag but they're pretty awesome kids. Yeah, they are a constant source of stress, lack of sleep, creativity, and oh so much more. They are six years apart because I had difficulty keeping my pregnancies due to stage 3 endometriosis and now we know my CVID.  It was worth the wait.

Ryder Kuckein

Ryder is charismatic and charming and uses it to his advantage. During back-to-school conferences we always warn his teacher that if given the chance he will use his charm to his advantage. I try to harness that energy and brightness into helping him take on the role of leader. He is my performer child and knows how to make a joke, take a joke and sometimes I wonder if  he'll be famous before I am.  I'd be thrilled because I'd have him buy me a new pottery barn couch.

Rylie Kuckein

Rylie will forever be mad at me for spelling her name with a Y, but come on you can't spell Ryder and Rylie differently! This little girl is a perfect combination between us. She's smart, hooray, and feisty, watch out. She runs around singing jingles she's made up, she draws 80% of her day. She bounces from her obsessions: My Little Pony, to painting, to singing, to dancing, to pretending to make Youtube videos. She is me. 

Our favorite musical is obviously Hamilton. I convinced my mom to take me for my 40th birthday! Giving you lip dub realness.

Ryder has been working out his gaming and hosting skills with his own website. Ryder and I are going to be working on his channel more in lieu of always playing video games!