Squeezed and in a pickle

Whoah. Gone since April.

What have I been doing?

Saving the youth of America. No, not really. But I have been teaching them how to sing, dance and act a little better. 


I've been hustling in the real world (as opposed to blogger world) in order to pay for my kids to go to summer camp, afford to go on vacation, and oh...eat.

We also have to buy a car. Ugh.

Not complaining. Or trying not to complain because I know in the vast expansiveness of the world I am rich. Definitely rich. But due to so many life choices, health, location, and every excuse known to man, we are feeling SQUEEZED. 

In fact if you have a second, take a listen to this Fresh Air interview about Alissa Quart's new book "Squeezed" about why America is getting too expensive for the middle class. In a nutshell the cost of housing, food, childcare, healthcare and daily living has far outpaced salaries. Better yet, maybe read her book.

Combine that reality with my lack of discipline and incredible ability to put my head in the sand mentality and I find myself and family in a pickle.

The good news: I'm really good at making money when in a pickle. 

I didn't say I know how to keep the money.  I said I know how to make it. 

Some people know how to budget. I have friends that count every penny in their savings, that know how to spend this not that.

Not me. 

I know how to spend $157 dollars at Whole Foods within ten minutes. It's a skill. Actually it's not a skill. Pretty easy to do actually. 

I also know how to put together an idea, throw together a website, create a short marketing campaign, charge what I believe I'm worth and sell 50+ spots at a summer camp that I put on this past June and one coming up in July.  

Boom. Done.

Trust me, it was and continues to b a lot of work. After I sold the 50 spots, I have to teach those 50 spots. 

My body pays for it. 

But now I have 50 more customers for future pickles. 

I've now multiplied that idea into a small school, with a focus and am doing it again this fall. I sold 12 spots in one day last week. Exciting. There's a need and I'm fulfilling that need. That makes me happy.

I'm working hard and I'm saving up for pickles.

There is something so uniquely satisfying about coming up with an idea, executing on it, and delivering above and beyond what I'm capable of and FINISHING it. Not always easy for someone like me. I created it and I (as Seth Godin, one of my gurus says), shipped it. 

Which leads me to my next thought. Am I an entrepreneur or a freelancer?

More on that soon. 

I gotta go eat some pickles.