Create your Personal Mission Statement using Essentialism

Today I'm working on developing a personal mission statement.

I'm getting help from Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, called essential intent.

The tenants of Essential Intent:

  • Inspirational and concrete.
  • Meaningful and measurable.
  • One decision that settles a thousand later decisions.

Creating a mission statement for myself seems overwhelming since I'm not a person who likes to commit to any one thing. However, because I think this contributes to my indecisiveness and results in unhappiness, I therefore should create a mission statement.

Hey! You should too. We'll do it together.

The rules. 

1. No fancy words. Keep it simple.

2. Keep it specific and actionable.

3. Make it inspirational.

4. It has to be easily measured.

Here's a formula that author William Arruda suggests.

The value you create + who you're creating it for + the expected outcome.

I'm going to pretend that I am the CEO of Molly Bell. You know what? I AM the CEO of Molly Bell so that works out pretty well.

Let's put Arruda's formula to the test.

  • The value I create: I create personal connection through creativity.
  • Who I am creating it for: Myself and for those who wish to live a more fulfilled life through the lens of creativity.
  • The expected outcome: A balanced life rooted in inspiration.

So yeah. I guess the keyword for me is creative huh? 

Now to create Molly Bell Inc.'s mission statement using essential intent.

"I create content and products through the lens of creativity in order for me and others to live a balanced daily life rooted in inspiration."

Ooh. I like it. 

This exercise gives me clarity in understanding what I should say yes to and more importantly what I should say no to. 

Did I abide by the rules? 

1. Simple? Yes, no weird lofty words.

2. Actionable? Yep, I build content and products.

3. Is it inspiring? I'd say yes. Who doesn't want to live a creative life?

4. Is it measurable? Yes, that is why I chose the word DAILY. Cultivating creative techniques to use daily in my life is something that makes my life infinitely happier and on track.

To recap.

  • The value you create: 
  • Who you are creating it for:
  • What is the expected outcome?

Remember to keep it simple, actionable, inspiring, and measurable. Enjoy creating your own kick ass mission statement!