Opportunity Famine: Trusting your opportunity won't run out

It's been a full week that I've been off FaceBook.

I'll describe it as one giant exhale. I've been completely off, as in my BFF has changed the password and literally holds the key. 

My world has shrunk and it's been a relief.

Exhale. Phew. Can you feel that?

It has nothing to do with any of the people on it. This is not about them. This is about self care, keeping my mind focused, and simplicity.

I heard a great phrase the other day.

Opportunity famine. This is a unique name for "FOMO" or fear of missing out. 

I used to be obsessed with this feeling of opportunity famine, never wanting to lose out on any and every opportunity that I may be able to commit myself to. 

I don't have this problem in the social arena. Despite my extrovert personality, I would rather stay close to home with my family or a smallish group of people with whom I can more meaningful conversation. I hate trying to impress a bunch of people at a party that I don't know.

At these type of events it's inevitable that I end up doing most of the talking because people find my career interesting in a quaint sort of way and also because I have a problem keeping my mouth shut when there's awkward pauses in the conversation. It is truly exhausting.

I do face extreme FOMO in the career and creative arena.

I quickly dart towards a new idea in order to beat out anyone else who may be thinking it. As a result I never really commit myself to anyone project because of lack of patience or because I am worried that in the process of commitment I'll lose out on something else.

Taking a break from the metaphorical world community we all have on social media has allowed my social circle to shrink and the thoughts in my mind to become more focused.

And here is a biggie realization that you may find helpful.

My days feel longer.

This is because I remember them.

My days don't feel nearly as automatic or passive. I don't have much reason to check my phone a million times a day. I have a lot more time in my day to think about the things I am actively doing which now include daily writing and reading. 

Could that all because of one swift decision to take myself off of one social media channel. No that's not it entirely. But it's been a big help.

I'm not making any money, true, but I'm also not too concerned about that. Check back with me when taxes are due, I'll probably be more panicked. I may ask you for money. You'll at least need to buy me dinner okay?

With each day that passes I am more trusting that slow growth opportunity will come with my new purpose. It may look different than any other opportunity I've experienced so far, in fact, I want it to.

The world has plenty of opportunity for everyone

Good ideas will never run out. There is always more for people to laugh at, ponder, or feel love from. 

Opportunity is infinite.

So am I.

So are you.

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