The 19 types of friends we all have for better or worse

I've been thinking a lot about friends lately. Friends are great. They increase your lifespan, help you through hard times, and help keep you on track.

Other ones can test you, make you question yourself or in general suck your soul. They say the older you get the smaller your circle becomes, but we all got a bunch nevertheless. I've lightened it up today with a few of our favorite types of friends. Enjoy!

One- The Vault

The one girl you know you can tell your inner, deepest, tragic, embarrassing, not even spoken to your husband secrets and she doesn't judge, like fo' realz doesn't judge or tell ANYONE.  

Two- The Frenemie

That one biatch that you've known for some reason forevs, but it's way better to keep them around because if you cross them you're in for some drama mama. 

Three- The Legacy

That buddy from your youth who if you met now you would find mega annoying but somehow it just works.

Four-The Dead Weight

That one who makes you question yourself and your self-worth and who you know deep down you really need to break up with.

Five-The Pinterest

That friend whose house and life is so frickin' perfect you could cry. But maybe she could re-design your living room for you?

Six-The Fun Bobby

That awesome fun drunk who's great when they're drinking but when not a total dud.

Seven-The Regifter

The one who you go shopping with at Anthro and you know each other so well she pulls out the sweater you gave her for her birthday from the trunk and returns it in front of you and you don't even really care.

Eight-The Gwyneth

The gorgeous yoga guru who juices and eats macro and makes you feel like a fat blob who is sitting on the couch drooling In N' Out Burger.

Nine-The Donald

Your republican friend who you tolerate yet ponder how they currently sleep at night.

Ten-The BeachbodyStellaDotMLM-er

That friend who only calls you once a year in order to see if you'll buy something or throw a party.

Eleven-The Owl

Your older wise friend who has a ton of life experience and advice and warns you that on the horizon is night sweats, chin hair, and pooping problems.

Twelve-The Purely Social

The one you only really see on social media but you would duck behind the garbage can can if you saw them walking down the street.

Thirteen-The One Upper

The chick who listens to your story about your kid's talent show and then tells you her kid just auditioned for a new Disney sitcom.

Fourteen-The Richie Rich

That friend who says they're not rich but still owns a boat so WTF, you're rich- so you got this lunch right?

Fifteen-The Youngin'

The one that has their sh*t together even though they have like zero life experience and make you feel like you're 80.

Sixteen-The therapist

The one you save money with by sitting down on a couch with a mug and baring your soul.

Seventeen-The Gabber

The one who you could spend the whole afternoon on the phone with even though everyone else should just text me okay?

Eighteen-The Luncher

The one who you always go to lunch with because dinner would involve her husband and you can't stand him.

Nineteen-The Reach

The girl you think is really really cool and sure you've hung out in a group setting but they maybe still don't quite know your name, wait do they?

You got anymore favs?

xo, Molly