My idea for a new kind of tupperware party

Life must have been so much easier when we just had tupperware parties.

So much less to think about. Raise your kids, cook all day, make your husband a drink when he got home. and then go to a girlfriends tupperware party.Just imagine not taking a selfie of what you were doing all day?

Wait? What? I WOULD HATE THAT! I love taking selfies. My life is one big giant selfie on display for everyone to see. Duh!

But my goal here is to help you think more creatively in your life, so here's an idea for you creative types having trouble getting going on something. You can start with this idea today. At the very least you can think about it. Mmm-kay?

Taking "tupperware parties" to another level.

Do you have a special talent that you could teach a group of women or men or kids? Think of the possibilities:

  • Makeup design
  • Nail design (you know those cute little flowers and things I could never do)
  • Fly-fishing rods
  • Gluten free cooking for a moms group with allergy sensitive kids
  • Copy the painting and cabernet idea and do it at someone's house
  • Selfie making. Have a fun party teaching people how to set up their selfies and use lighting to make them special

KIDS PARTIES ARE ENDLESS- These could all be done in someone's home, helping save the parents money and a fun activity that impresses the other parents.

  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Gaming
  • Stand up comedy (everyone gets to perform a joke and learn how to deliver it

****FYI, my son, Ryder, would love that party so if anyone wants to do it, come see me and we'll make it happen. 

Those are just a few ideas off of the top of my mind. 

The point is, get "niche-y" about it.

I have two businesses I run that are a specific niche and have turned them into parties. My FIT AND FABULOUS PARTY where women and some men come to celebrate the birthday (usually gal) with a cardio dance class. I also have a party called THE DANCE OFF, a great evening for men and women. The group usually drinks, learns an easy fun dance set to Bruno Mars or something fun and engaging and then they compete.

It's SO MUCH FUN. Although exhausting for me when I'm doing it because my parties center around movement a lot of the time.

I've always thought I'd like to hire a makeup designer for my next birthday to help my friends and I learn how to do our eyes, for instance, with what makeup we already have. Take that idea makeup artists and run with it please! Cuz, I ain't doing it. I suck at makeup. 

This idea can be spun into whatever your special talent is.

Write down five things you love to do, you're great at, and pick the one that stands out. Don't be scared. Actually, it's okay to be scared. I usually AM scared. And I've been doing this for a long time. The point is, it's worth it. Because when you pick something you love to go teach to a group of people I believe you'll find your way because it will shine through that you love it. 

Each time you do it you'll learn more. How much to charge, how long to make the party (I recommend no more than an hour long session), where to place it within the entirety of the party. Just try it and you'll learn something new each time. I change things along the way each time I do one of these, always learning how to refine it. 

Also, preparation is the key. It helps alleviate the stress of worrying if they'll like you. Do the work you need to do in order to SHINE. Because then your name will be passed along before you know it.  

Okay, the time is now. Go write down your five things and keep it specific. What sets you apart?

Let me know once you've done it and then send me a message here!

Love, Molly