About Me

These are my children Ryder & Rylie. They are awesome kids. I mean not always easy because they inherited my genes but pretty awesome. Rylie is five and Ryder is 11. I'm lucky to have them and they were difficult to get because of my CVID. I also think they've kept my bipolar at bay for a while because I've had to step outside myself and care for them. Cool huh?

I am married to Kurt Kuckein, a marketing manager here in Silicon Valley. He is my high school sweetheart. It's so fun we have our prom pictures together, I'll post them some day soon.  We have been married for almost 18 years. It's crazy I'm that old.

I'm growing as a writer and composer and although I have written two musicals and they are published by Stage Rights in Los Angeles I am a newbie and still working my way through the learning process, I've just had some good luck on the way. I also a professional musical theater actress and love to perform although that is not quite as often nowadays as I focus on my health and raising my children.  I love to create. I think of ideas all day long. Many of them come to fruition and others sometimes make an appearance and I will wait to see if my gut instinct was correct, based on peoples attention. If it resonates I push forward, if not I pull it. 

My ultimate passion is online business, marketing, design, lifestyle blogs, and my goal ultimately is to focus my work into one creative lifestyle Molly land. Dare I say this here blog might be the beginnings of something? Maybe.

Oh em gee you guys that could be the bipolar talking. Moving on.

But seriously, I've been busy and manic and just a tad crazy. I'll list most of my ventures here to prove to you that I've got issues. I'm grateful to each of these ideas because I believe they were my way of connecting the thoughts in my mind together and each idea, business, work of art, dance, flashmob- tells a story.

So that's musical theater actress, sometimes director, vocal coach, dance fitness instructor, acting instructor, as I mentioned at Netflix choreographing and producing their "new hires event"...they made every new employee do a show as a ritual/hazing, all done in fun. It was awesome! And then the cut the program. Bummer. It's probably better that part of my career is over. It made me super sick. Getting 120 people to learn a dance in one hour and then perform it the very next day and have it look good? Takes skilllllzzzz. I'm just saying. 

Okay, I'll continue. Other ways I make money. I have a bunch of niche businesses that I encompass under my umbrella business site Studio Molly. There you will find The Broadway School, Good Golly Parties, Sing by Studio Molly, Dance Fitness By Studio Molly, Creativity Coaching, Corporate Events & Flashmobs at Ebay, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, SRI Bank, Live video greeting cards for Fleet Feet Fitness, Becoming Britney (currently not making any money), Real Housewives The Musical (Currently not making me money but hoping for it soon!!!!!- someone produce it! It's really funny!

And omg, you would not believe how many more business ideas I have. I could go into them all and I'm really feeling pressure to do so, but I can't. Too much Molly, too much.

This is me before singing a private concert for a birthday party. I do that sometimes too. It's a super fun party idea, I highly recommend it! You can book me if you want, but not next Monday. Next Monday I'm singing for a bunch of donors who gave more than $10,000 to a theater I work at a lot. So it's a win win. They donate...I get paid!

But mostly they're rockstars for giving to something important and I'm grateful to live and work in such a community.


My purpose for this site is to chronicle my life with Common Variable Immune Deficiency, Bipolar 2, mom, entrepreneur, actress, creative and to be helpful to anyone who may be struggling with the same issues I have. I don't know how much of my process I'll divulge yet, I'll feel it out as I go. I believe documenting is art, so I always strive to be authentic. If you think you'd like to join my community please subscribe and maybe tell me a little about you. 

A few facts about me.

Age: 41 1/2

Diagnosed CVID: 2015

Diagnosed Bipolar 2: 2017

Married, 2 kids, 6 pregnancies

Started getting sick chronically around age 18. First round of illness attacked my GI tract from age 18-25.

Age 25-Age 35 Illnesses moved to chest infections, frequent colds every week, chronic ear infections.

Finally received diagnosis September of 2015 when hospitalized for pneumonia which got trapped in my lung lining.

Finally received diagnosis of Bipolar 2 November 2017 after a year long state still going on of hypomania.