For twenty plus years …

I’ve been singing and dancing my way through the world at lightning speed. I have had a glorious time taking creative risks, goal setting, and living my life from one project to the next. I have learned my small mind runs on adrenaline and that my big mind uses something else.


My creative work, plays, and music are stories of transformation and growth. They are a collection of women in my head who are on a path of growth, freedom and authenticity. As I grow alongside my work and build strength as a writer & composer, I write what I learn. Much of my work aims to be comedic in nature with a twist of reality and a dose of charm.

As you poke around in here I hope you find something that peaks your interest about the pursuit of happiness, mindfulness and creative soul building. I love being a person that can take people on a journey. You’ll also find my dance schedule, new shows I am working on, ways to connect with me and more.

Thanks for stopping by,