Let's Get S.M.A.R.T. - My clear concise goals for the week.

Happy Monday!  In an effort to see my goals, clarify what I'm doing each week I am committing to writing my weekly goals/interests down and tracking how I do on Fridays. Maybe it'll be helpful to you to set yours up this way as well. There are always a MILLION things to think about. So let's start with just a few in various areas of my life that I'll be working on. What are you planning to work on? This is how I'm organizing them. I'm using the S.M.A.R.T. technique. 

S=Specific   M= Measurable    A=Attainable   R=Relevant    T=Time Based. 

Let's go:

Action Week goals:

  • 2 personal blog posts
  • 1 full tutorial for Dance by Studio Molly
  • 1 mini course for Sing by Studio Molly

Items that I HAVE to do:

  • Choreography prep for Saturday class
  • Begin research for two Netflix gigs

Research Goals:

  • Complete my teachable landing pages
  • Research  and learn about youtube advertising

Inspiration this week:

Physical & Health Goals

  • 5 strong workouts
  • 3 x's of morning or midday meditation 
  • Prepare mentally for mammogram and MRI next week
  • Complete paperwork for Stanford Clinical Trial for CVID
  • Drink water each day in preparation for my Friday IV infusion

Mind dump: (These are things that are cluttering my mind that will eventually go on the above list or never make it out to the real world. I find if I purge them out on paper or computer, they eventually come to fruition or move away and free up space for more thinking.

  • Personal album
  • Start singing a bit more
  • Should I find a partner to make my kids teaching academy a stronger business?
  • Adding a kids section to Studio Molly
  • Affiliate links, should I use them
  • Debate: Serving an audience versus trying to make money from that audience.